»Under the Spell of Colours«

Museum of the City of Eisenhuettenstadt

04th may 2024 – 28th june 2024
Opening, 04th may 2024 at 11 am

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art & film documentation

»5 Ways«

5 ways accompanies five female artists on their paths in the world of art. For 5 years, the artists will be accompanied in their artistic and personal developments on film. In addition, their artistic work in public, on the Internet, in social media is documented. The result is a contemporary document of the art world, illustratively told through the stories of the five female artists. The audience experiences the difficulties and challenges the artists face and how they overcome them. Especially for female artists it is very difficult to position themselves and their art in the art world and the art market. The frequently described imbalance between male and female artists in the art world. Where does this come from? Which mechanisms lead to it and how do artists deal with it? This is what 5 ways wants to show exemplarily with the five artists.  

5 ways is a project from the Holtmann Collection. The collection, established in 2020 by the Holtmann family from Hanover, focuses on modern and contemporary art. 5 ways is supported by the media agency Blitzfang Medien

solo show

»Ways and Paths«

Gallery Applcross Art Perth and Adelaide
21th February 2024 – 29nd September 2024


Christin Lutze – New Works on Canvas and Paper

Solo Show

»As Far as the Eye can See«

Palais Rastede

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Christin Lutze – Works on Canvas and Paper



»Christin´s story«


Find the écoutee podcast verywhere where there are podcasts and on YouTube, Spotify and Instagram

The life as an artist? Christin Lutze knows best about that! In the 19th episode of the écoutee podcast Christin tells about her life as a painter, her studies at famous Universität der Künste, Berlin and the people who supported her from the get go. She also discusses her relationship with Social Media, why she fell in love with Iceland and how she experiences competition and support in the art community. An intimate and inspiring look into Christin Lutze’s life!

Further planned exhibitions

01.02. bis 29.02.2025
Wilke Atelier
Solo Show