Charity auction

»art auction of the Survival Foundation for Torture Victims«

Sunday 28 th November 2021 at 4 p.m
Auctioneer: Prof. Dr. Peter Raue

The art auction in favor of the survival foundation for victims of torture has developed into an integral part of cultural life and social commitment in Berlin over the past twenty years.
It is now a fixed date for many, both for artists and buyers. The net proceeds go to the survival foundation for torture victims and thus flow directly into the work of the SURVIVAL center. The foundation aims to rehabilitate survivors of torture who have been victims of state violence in their home countries. Many of these extremely traumatized people who managed to escape torture and persecution to Germany turn to the Survival Center for advice and therapy.


Sunday 27 th March 2022 at 11 a.m

Christin Lutze – Works on Canvas 
Solo exhibition by Christin Lutze as part of the scholarship at the Künstlerhaus Hooksiel

Solo Exhibition

»As Far as the Eye can See«

Palais Rastede

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Christin Lutze – Works on Canvas and Paper



»Christin´s story«


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The life as an artist? Christin Lutze knows best about that! In the 19th episode of the écoutee podcast Christin tells about her life as a painter, her studies at famous Universität der Künste, Berlin and the people who supported her from the get go. She also discusses her relationship with Social Media, why she fell in love with Iceland and how she experiences competition and support in the art community. An intimate and inspiring look into Christin Lutze’s life!

Solo Exhibition

»Drawn by Colour«

Museum of the City of Eisenhuettenstadt

Christin Lutze – Works on Canvas and Paper

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Solo Exhibition

»Ways and Paths«

Gallery AppleX Art Perth
Perth 20th January – 22nd December 2021


Christin Lutze – Works on Canvas and Paper

»Residency grant«

Künstlerhaus Hooksiel
21 th March – 15 th May 2022

The “Künstlerhaus Hooksiel” is characterized by its placement in current contemporary art. His comprehensive communication of artistic tendencies is reflected in the exhibition program and in the funding (residency grants) of outstanding artists who devote themselves to the exploration of new critical forms of expression. The Künstlerhaus Hooksiel sees itself as part of the dynamic art scene in the Weser-Ems region. The Künstlerhaus Hooksiel takes on a sustainable and efficient mediator role for a permanent exchange of current contemporary art.  

Further Exhibitions planned:

März/April 2022 Max-Planck-Institute Berlin
Solo Exhibition
September bis Dezember 2021 Flexim Berlin
Solo Exhibition